Youth Bowling Guidlines Print


If you are not able to attend your league session, pre-bowling is allowed any day before you are supposed to bowl. Your scores will be placed in an envelope along with your bowling fees. Please call ahead and confirm lane availability. Best times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday before 6 P.M. We may not have lanes on the weekend. Best times on Saturday and Sunday would be after 4 P.M. and before 9 P.M. Your scores will count for average, team points and perfect attendance.


If you are not able to pre-bowl, post-bowling is allowed. Your scores will count for average, team points and perfect attendance. The same procedure and times as Pre-Bowling will apply. Note! Post-Bowling will not be allowed for the final week of bowling.

If you are not able to Pre-Bowl or Post-Bowl an absent fee of $3.00 will be due. This money goes to the Junior program and can be paid with your regular fee the following week.

Smoking is not allowed in the building. Youth bowlers are not allowed to smoke during their bowling session.

It is the responsibility of the bowler/parent to record the fees put into the team envelope each week.

Please insure league recaps are marked clearly after each game is bowled. Only scratch individual games are required. The computer will do the rest.

Chewing gum is not allowed during league bowling.

In order to ensure the safety of the bowlers during periods of snow or rain, all shoes must be removed before entering the bowling areas. Even a drop of water on the bottom of a bowling shoe can cause a bowler  to stick on the approach and possibly injure themselves. This applies to all bowlers and parents.

Poor sportsmanship, running, excessive fooling around and bad language will not be tolerated!

Please ensure you are ready to bowl when it's your turn.